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valentine's day gift jewellery

Valentine’s Day is all about love, but the pressure to make it absolutely PERFECT is pretty overwhelming for couples, who steal a few moments from their busy lives to express their heartfelt emotions to their better half. Most fashion jewellery blogs talk solely about their jewellery pieces, but we’re here to help fix your day, while adding a little bling to your love life with Valentine’s Day Jewellery.

Now, let’s just de-stress you with some amazing ideas that can help you enjoy a love-filled day with your significant other, while looking your absolute best! For better Valentine’s Day ideas for her checkout Jeweldaze.

Cook a romantic meal together

Remember, Love Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana? You’ve seen those cute Bollywood songs, or pop numbers where the couples enjoy serenading their love over a pot of steaming-delicious biryani, or where they bake a cake in the name of love. Whip up some romance while making a pie, or let the temperature rise with a hot and cheesy pizza.

A fun road trip

Are you an adventurous couple? If so, then pack your bags and head out on V-day! Whether you choose to explore the countryside, or hitch-hike to the hills, discover new found love in the midst of gorgeous surroundings, and enjoy a date that lasts for days.

Go Clubbing while loving!

If you two were born to party, then there’s no better way to celebrate your love than dancing the night away. Whether it’s those beautiful Bollywood songs that make you escape into a different world together, or those fast track pop numbers that get your pulse racing, go to your favourite club in town.

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